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Accurate Salary Data at a Granular Level

metasalary uses information from key economic data points
to generate a unique salary report for every user.


Plan For Your Future

By comparing anonymous granular data with your peers from around the world, metasalary will help provide an accurate roadmap from where you have been to where you are headed in your career.

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Granular Salary Data

The United States is a diverse country with unique regions and socioeconomic infrastructures. metasalary takes Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s from every State, City, County, and even Zip code to provide accurate, granular salary information. Our proprietary algorithm is designed to provide accurate salary information for your region.

Visual US Map for Salary Data

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MetaSalary is currently accepting a few beta users who are interested in helping us become the premiere salary reporting website in the industry. If you are interested in joining or helping out, please let us know!

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real time salary reports from metasalary

metasalary provides real-time reports based on hundreds of granular data points to provide an accurate view of your salary information

view salary trends at a local and national level

by incorporating unique salary algorithms incorporating data from thousands of data points nationwide, we can show and predict industry trends

research companies and salary data

through our proprietary system, you will be able to accurately measure companies providing competitive salaries and benefits

plan for your future and find out if you're making the correct decisions

through our reports, trends, and research, we provide the datapoints necessary to help you plan for your future.

How Everything Works

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