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ALASKA Salary Breakdown

ALASKA Per Capita Salary $30,726 ALASKA Salary Statistics and Average Income
National Per Capita Income $27,334
ALASKA Median Household Income $66,521 ALASKA Household Median Salary is 66,521 compared to the national average
National Median Household Income $51,914
Per Capita Salary % Over/Under 10.0 %
Median Salary % Over/Under 22.7 %
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$27,334 - National Per Capita Salary
$30,726 - ALASKA Median Household Income
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ALASKA Population Statistics

High level socioeconomic indicators for ALASKA including Male and Female populations, education attainment, percent of population under 18 and over 65.

Male Population

Female Population

High School Degree

College / 4 Year Degree

Population % Under 18

Population % Over 65

ALASKA Race Breakdown

Racial Breakdown for ALASKA including African American, Asian, Hispanic, and more 3.3

African American Population

American Indian Population

Asian Population

Hispanic Population

Two or More Population

White Population

County Breakdown By Salary

Salary Rankings for Top Counties and States