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Martin County, KY Salary Statistics

KY State Flag Martin County, KY metasalary reports and estimates. Below you will find Martin County, KY Salary, Income, Home Values, Education attainment, and other critical data based on census and other sociol and economic KPI information.

Martin County, KY Income Details

Martin County, KY Per Capita Salary $14,785 Martin County, KY Salary Statistics and Average Income
National Per Capita Income $27,334
Martin County, KY Median Household Income $25,173 Martin County, KY Household Median Salary is 25,173 compared to the national average
National Median Household Income $51,914
Per Capita Salary % Over/Under -92.9 %
Median Salary % Over/Under -104.0 %
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Martin County, KY Home Values

Martin County, KY Median Home Value $67,800
Martin County, KY Number of Houses 4,337
Martin County, KY Household Size 2.96
National Median Home Value $212,300

Martin County, KY Population Data

Martin County, KY Population 12,929
Martin County, KY Population Change 2.8%
Martin County, KY Median Age
Martin County, KY Male Population 55.3%
Martin County, KY Female Population 44.7%


Education Attainment with Highschool Degree 64.6%
Education Attainment with College Degree 8.9%
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National Income Based - Education Attainment

Education level Median Income
Less than 9th $17,422
High School Drop-out $20,321
High School Graduate $26,718
Some College $31,054
Associates Degree $35,009
Bachelor's Degree $43,143
Bachelor's or More $49,303
Master's Degree $52,390
Professional Degree $82,473
Doctoral Degree $70,843

Other Statistics

Highest AVG Paying Job Coming Soon
Highest Earning City Washington D.C.
Highest Earning ZIP Code 20015
Lowest Earning City Andover, MA
Lowest Earning ZIP Code 05501
Martin County, KY Map and Salary Data
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Top KY Counties By Income

The top 10 KY Counties based on per capita income are as follows:

Oldham County, KY $32,702
Boone County, KY $28,520
Woodford County, KY $28,501
Fayette County, KY $28,345
Shelby County, KY $27,593
Kenton County, KY $27,205
Campbell County, KY $27,096
Franklin County, KY $26,857
Scott County, KY $26,838
Jefferson County, KY $26,473

Martin County, KY Salary Graph

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